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Friday, March 2, 2012

Ticker update

So I was really having a hard time.  I mean I am working so hard to lose weight.  But you know when I went into labor I was 211 pounds.  Why should I not count that as my start?  Why should I not be proud of the almost 40 pounds I have lost since I had my daughter?  Well from this moment on I will be proud of every pound.  I am earning every pound I lose through hard work.  So to not give myself credit is a bunch of horse poo and I won't do it anymore.  I am an amazing person.  Just because I didn't finish the live fit doesn't mean I won't reach my goals.  Just because I am changing the method in which I am trying to lose weight doesn't make it wrong or mean I won't reach my goals.  I should look forward to the gym and my workouts not dread them.  I like lifting weights but ultimately the last four weeks of the live fit program were difficult because of the layout of my gym and my goals.  My goal is to ride my bike 204 miles this summer.  Yes I want to have a certain body look when all is said and done and yes I will strength train to obtain that.  But no I don't have to do it just one way.  I will do it the way I want and I won't feel bad about it.  I have lost almost 40 pounds and its time I celebrate my accomplishment instead of beating myself up that I need to lose more.  Women are so hard on themselves.  We never give ourselves credit for what we accomplish.  Housework, gym work, food, whatever it is we look at what we didn't finish or what we didn't do or how far we still have to go.  We need to look at how far we have come and be proud.  We are strong and we can do this.  I can do this.  I will do this!  I will reach my goal and I will be a healthy example for my kids.  And I will do it my way without the guilt.


Alyse said...

I agree with you! We women beat each other up over not doing our best of best when even doing a little is better than nothing. I'm proud that you are continuing on and believe in yourself! I'll be checking back often for updates! Be my inspiration!

Jessica Poffenbarger said...

Thank you! Yes check back and I hope I can inspire other ladies to keep going and believe in themselves. We can all get healthy together.