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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spin class today

Oh how I love to hate spin class :).  Its one of those classes that is tough and you are cursing the instructor but when you are done you feel great and glad that you finished an hour.  I did 21 miles in 60 mins according to the computer on the bike.  That is fairly good for me.  Outside I don't get the same speed, darn the head wind LOL.  It does make it hard to gauge how "far" I have gone on my trainer.  So I could have gone anywhere from 10 to 20 miles in the hour I was on my trainer on Tuesday.  So I have 30-40 miles done for the week.  I will do an outside ride either Saturday or Sunday for 30 miles and do an inside ride for 2-3 hours.  I will have to do some research I think, or buck up and pay for a wireless computer for the bike.  This is an 80 mile week and then next week is 100.  I think this will be a good build up for me.  My legs, butt, thighs are for sure feeling the burn of the class tonight.  I hope I am not to sore tomorrow so I can get my full body workout.
I realized today the only other change I have made to my lifestyle other than riding my bike is that I stopped the GNC ultra mega women's pack.  I wonder if that is what caused my lack of weight loss.... How frustrating would that be.  Since I was doing it to help my weight loss :(.  Lame.  Either way the scale is moving down.  171.9 this morning, so close to the 40 pounds lost mark I can taste it hahaha.

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