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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More progress pictures

I know it kind of feels like I just did these.  But really it has been a month :).  Wow time really does pass so you might as well use it productively.  At least this year I am not going, gee wish I would have started 3-4 months ago ;).  This year I am getting it done.  40 pounds gone.  Do you know what 40 pounds of weight loss looks like... Here let me show you.  Yes this is a rather embarrassing picture.  This was one month after I had my beautiful baby girl.  So I guess technically this is 5 months of progress however I didn't really start working out until after my 6 week check up.  But either way its been 5 months.  40 pounds are gone and will never be seen again.  And I have gotten complimented twice this week on how much thinner I am looking :).  That is a great feeling.  So now for the other progress pictures.  The next one is my workout progress picture and those start in December and go until now so 4 months of picture progress.  I am not sure why a picture wasn't taken in November.  Probably because I just didn't think it was worth it... not sure.  I am proud to say that my wonderful hubby and I started this weight loss journey together and have both lost 40 pounds so that makes me happy we are setting a great example for our kids.  My oldest even worked out with us tonight.  I do recommend the Ripped in 30 if you want a good workout.
Ok so here are the pictures...