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Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5th

Well today I had the day off due to some appointments.  I am very glad I worked out this morning since tonight I have a terrible migraine type headache.  I did a 30 day shred level 1 this morning before starting my day.  I did spend a good portion of my workout beating myself up about my food choices and lack of weight loss.  But ya know that won't do me any good.  So I talked to my sister and we came up with a good plan.  I will allow one meal out to eat each week but it has to be at subway or equivalent really just subway but jimmy johns is ok too.  This way I am not quitting cold turkey but I am not allowing myself to eat out a ton.  That is my down fall.  I love to eat out.  And really I just have to decide how much do I want this.  So tomorrow I will start my food journal (didn't get it started today) and then post it here at the end of the night so I can keep track of what I am eating and how I am feeling.  The goal is real food.  Not anything special.  I will try to stay away from pre packaged meals and eat all real foods.  By April 4th (30 days) I should see some changes for the better.

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