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Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday March 26

Wow what a rough night.  We all slept poorly due to the baby being up most of the night fussing and sick.  I hope tonight goes better.  Last night I attempted week 2 of the Ripped in 30 but have to admit with a sprained thumb all the plank moves were really tough.  So I am going to stay in week 1 for an extra week to give my thumb time to heal but still work out.  I prepped all our lunches for the week and am proud of myself for that.  I actually had someone say they thought I looked thinner :).  That is a great feeling.  When someone else actually notices that you are slimming down.  I really am happy about that.  I also need to remember that I am not that number on the scale and that I just need to focus on being healthy.  Sadly due to work I have to worry about that number until I get to 165 and weigh in next month.  That will be the last time I will ever worry about a weigh in :).  The only dilemma now is to work out tonight or just go to bed.  It really is a tough choice since I am plain exhausted.  I really have to remember its all about choices.  How do I want to look this summer?

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