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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6th

Got to ride my bike tonight that was great.  Only got to ride for 30 mins but its better than nothing.  Kait wasn't going to let me ride much longer LOL.  But I also started week 9 of the live fit trainer.  Might as well finish what I started right.  I get time at lunch to work out so I will do what I can at lunch and call it good.  I am doing spin class on Thursday's so that will be the only day I won't really do a gym workout.  But 4 days a week on my bike and 6 days a week doing weights I should be in good shape for this summer and my double century.  Plus I will most likely start my 1/2 marathon training program with Team in Training in April or May.  I need to sign up (note to self).  So food, food is my biggest hurdle.  Most people struggle with food.  Society has made food a comfort and that is hard to change.
Breakfast Whole wheat bagel with cream cheese
Snack Celery and peanut butter
Lunch Left over steak and salad
Snack a handful of cashews
Dinner was a turkey sandwich from subway on wheat, no mayo, lots of lettuce, spinach and a few olives. Chips and a cookie as well :(.  Yeah the cookie probably shouldn't have been on the menu along with the sunchips but hey there are worse choices I could have made and my 1 of weights and 30 mins on the bike probably negate the cookie.
Water, english breakfast tea and a lemonade to drink.  No soda so it was a good day.  Nothing to terrible and probably under for calories.  Next step if I can log my food all week is to start counting calories.

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