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Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 8th

So yesterday I was down with a stupid migraine.  I am starting to wonder if they are caffeine induced.  I had a cherry coke zero tonight and haven't gotten a headache.  So I am really thinking that is the cause.  The GNC tablets had caffeine in them.  So now I have to wean myself off of the soda/caffeine again :(.  Not super thrilled about that but happy to not have a raging headache tonight.  I did not workout yesterday as I went to bed shortly after dinner.  And tonight I took a rare opportunity to snuggle with my wonderful husband.  I am sure my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday workouts will more than make up for it :).  Working out 5 days this week is still a good amount and my eating has been under control.  I did do a good amount of my calories with the exception of dinner and I had 750 left of my 1500 at dinner so I am sure I am under for the day.  Gah I thought I was doing better at eating but I bet my calories are consistently to low for the amount of exercise I do which in turn messes up the body.
Breakfast had a scrambled egg burrito.  Snack some cashews and tea.  Lunch was a salad and steak.  Snack was a sandwich and coke zero.  Dinner was home made burritos with black beans instead of refried.  Overall it was a good eating day.  I signed up for the Nike Women's marathon tonight with Team in Training (help me find a cure for cancer) so that is super exciting.  I can't wait to start that training.  Yes I am filling my plate with lots of stuff but I figure if I can keep challenges on the horizon it will keep me motivated in working out and losing weight even when the scale is being mean :).

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