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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bike ride and a video

Well the title sounds better than I felt.  I was all set to do 20 miles today.  Weather was great, not to hot (45 degrees) not raining and not to windy unless I was going 24 mph :).  But at mile 10 I went to turn around and didn't unclip both feet and fell.  Yeah it was bound to happen, it always does and I did it.  Luckily no one saw but I caught myself with my left hand/wrist and trying to ride after that was painful.  Like the crying when no one is looking painful.  So I called my wonderful hubby who loaded all three kids up and drove down to get me.  So 10.68 miles ridden and my ripped in 30 video done for the day.  Not to bad.  Could have been better but could have been worse.  Today was day 4 of the new video.  I did skip the push ups... I mean come on :).  But I am giving it all I have got.  I am down to 170.7 today.  That is a total of 40 pounds lost!  Sometimes I get frustrated and mad that I am having to work so hard.  But I will appreciate all the hard work and I will be in better shape because I am having to work so hard.  And I wouldn't trade my little angel for being skinny.  I would gladly do it again just to see her smile and hold her close.  Anyway overall a good day.  I got my Train Like a Mother book so I am super thrilled with that.  I was expecting it tomorrow.  I will get to start reading it tomorrow instead :).

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Alyse said...

Whoohoo! 40 lbs is amazing!!! I can't wait till I can say that too. You go girl!