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Friday, May 3, 2013

The week that we all have

You know those weeks where the hours at work get crazy and the days get to long.  Those weeks where you don't make the time for the workout and you feel like poo and can't sleep and it becomes a vicious cycle.  Yeah that was my week.  Getting home at 530 at night really through my whole routine off.  But you know what?  One off week isn't how I got to be 166 pounds.  Week after week of sitting on my bottom is how I got to be out of shape and 166 pounds at 33 years of age.  So tomorrow I'm gonna "lace" up my running shoes and kick my lazy butt in gear.  I will do a run in the morning and some shred tomorrow night.  My schedule should remain fairly constant the rest of the month.  So here is to getting my workout on and eating healthy.  Plus we need to eat down our pantry so we can move the household good in 6 weeks.  Busy, busy.

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