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Saturday, April 27, 2013

My best run ever!

I ran today, just like I was supposed to go for a run.  I decided I would listen to my music and just let my body dictate how my run when.  I was in a super "don't wanna" mood.  So I thought for sure I would be walking in no time.  I put my music in and my phone in my pocket with mapmyrun running.  And as the 5 min increments ticked away I just kept going.  My inspiration songs came on just when I seemed to need them the most and I ran for 30 mins without stopping!  I have never run for 30 mins without stopping.  I have never run 2.5 miles without stopping.  And yet today I did both of those things.  I have been stopping and starting for so many years and to finally accomplish this just feels so great.  I have not decided if I am going to shred tonight or not but will post again if I do.  The big thing was to put down my thoughts and pride in myself about what I accomplished.  I'm thankful for friends and family being supportive and for the Train like a mother series to give me the tools and encouragement to get it done.  At the end of my run a pinterest motivation popped in my head "Now punch that Laziness in the face and have a great day!"  I tried to post it but they have changed how they do it :(  I'm not sure but will work to figure out how to post them again.

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