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Monday, May 27, 2013

3 rest days?

No I can't do that.  So even though I am following the LiveFit training plan for my weight lifting I am not following it exactly for my working out.  As witnessed by the BOSU ball workout last Friday night.  Which I was still sore from today.  So I decided to do it again :).  I will do it every Monday night from here on out.  I rode my bike on the trainer for 20 mins and then did the leg workout.  Yeah I'm gonna kick this goal in the butt and show it whose boss.  Eating is less than perfect but I keep trying and keep doing better.  Bought stuff to take lunch to work so I wouldn't eat out.  Yeah sandwiches and chips but its better than Mcdonalds.  I am going to try to take wheat thins instead of potato chips and carrot sticks.  I'm gonna do cardio for 15-20 mins in the morning then do my weights.  Should be done by 0700 and then shower and get to work by 0730.  Sounds like a solid plan.  Now to get to bed at a decent hour :).  So here is to the start of week two of my BIG goal.

Small goals for this week.
Eat at home every night.
Take a lunch every day.
Workout every morning.
Don't be to hard on myself :).
Drink 2 bottles of water every day (64 oz).

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