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Monday, May 20, 2013

Food for thought....Literally

So the hardest part about any new lifestyle change is the change...
Yeah that sounds stupid but it's true.  Habits are hard to break, it's why they are habits.  Our biggest vice is eating out.  We do it alot.  Way more than we should.  Way more than anyone should.  So I shouldn't question why I'm still sitting at 165 after months of "trying" when really I try for a couple days maybe a week and then fail and binge for another week.  No not a healthy way to go.  Again like I said before I wish my switch worked like others and I can just one day wake up and eat clean and healthy.  But I'm not good like that.  I need to baby step my way into this.  I know most won't agree but I'm tired of failing and really want to make changes.  So as a new found effort to make the change I am making one at a time.  So I'm setting some easy goals to get me started.

1.) Cook at home Monday-Friday.
2.) Only Saturday or Sunday will be an eat out day and only one meal.
3.) Do this for one month and then adjust the goal based on progress.
4.) Only cook real unprocessed foods.  Nothing from a box.
5.) Carbs are ok but not every meal.  Try to limit to one meal a day.
6.) Learn to prep on the weekends.  This one is only a maybe since it won't matter in two months.

So there are my food goals.  By getting my eating on track I should start seeing results.  Put that together with a solid gym routine and I will be set.

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