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Monday, May 6, 2013

Back on track

So after the week of crazy and not getting a single workout in I got my butt moving today.  I went for a run walk with hubby so it wasn't my normal but it was good for my soul :).  Burned about 200 calories.  I then decided to change it up.  I have never actually completed Ripped in 30 so I thought I would give it a go for a change in pace.  I have done 30 day shred and I like it but I needed something fun and fresh.  It kicked my butt for sure.  I really like that I can do this M-F and their are 4 workouts so one each week for a month.  Works good for me. 
Food for today I had a travel bowl of rice krispie cereal and some sort of muffin (not the top).
I had left over steak, lettuce, cheese, olives, avocado for lunch.
I had carne asada chimichanga for lunch (about 3/4 of it).

Overall a decent eating day and a good workout day.  I'm going to do a morning workout at the gym on base since the weather is so hot being outside running kinda sucked.  Yeah I don't know how I will handle Texas heat and run.  It will be a new challenge that I will overcome.

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