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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Live fit... again

Going to try to do the live fit trainer again.  My ankle is a bit messed up so I need a cardio break.  So going to weigh train a bit and get my eating on track.  I have eaten at home two nights now.  Much better than last week.  So far I am doing good.  Trying to make small goals that will get me to my big goal.  I realized today that I needed a big goal to strive for and not just little ones so when I want that cake I can look at my big goal and say no.  Saying no is the hard part.  The big goal (not end goal) is to be healthy and fit by my next birthday (1 year).  I will have a healthy fit body like my Oxygen Magazine ladies.  I don't want to just be skinny.  I'm not going for a weight on the scale.  I'm going for a look.  I  going to keep the pictures and motivation around me because that seems to help.  And I'm going to keep pushing forward.  Working out isn't the problem.  Eating is... notice the theme over the last couple posts.  So tonight is Chest and tri's.  Going to get it done.

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