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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week 2 day 1 chest and tri's

So I did a 5 min warm up and then did chest and tri's this morning.  It was only a 45 min workout so I know I might have pushed a bit fast.  But I was also real shaky by the end.  I really have to figure out a better morning routine.  Perhaps the banana and the muffin... Who knows but I will figure it out.  It was a good workout though and my arms were like noodles afterwards.  Legs weren't to bad today... so either they will be worse tomorrow or all the water I drank helped.  I drank 3 bottles (24 oz each) of water today.  And only 1 sweet tea at home from my kuerig.  I ate only what I took/had at home.  I didn't eat out so day one of the weekly goals I set was a success.

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