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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 2

So I couldn't do the pull downs or the row but I did everything I could.  I figured that any workout is better than none.  And it gets me in the habit of working out and doing my program.  I am missing cardio and my running but with my ankle being stupid I shouldn't run anyway.  Hopefully in another week or so I will get back out there because I really do love running.  I also hope to be in a real gym next week and for the remainder of phase 1 and 2.  That should improve my results I'm sure.  This week being at home is just about getting it done and just starting.  I didn't want to keep putting it off.  I have managed to eat at home all week.  Granted it's only Wednesday but so far so good.  I haven't let temptation get me.  I did indulge in ice cream today but sometimes you just have to.  Well you don't have to but I did.  But my goal this week was to eat at home.  So feeling good and glad I did workout.

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