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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 24

So today I was up at 630am.  Had a bacon, egg and cheese mcgriddle at about 8am.  Drove to Portland, took my mom to the dr finished about 11.  Went back to Vancouver grabbed some ice, small bag of chips, heath bar, cherry coke and some spree for my and other junk for the kids.  Headed back home by 1145.  Ugh not a fun 4 hour drive let me tell you.  Got home had some left over chinese and now am working up the energy to get my workout in.  I hate feeling sluggish but that long of a drive in the middle of the day takes it out of ya.  I am sure I will sleep better if I do it though.  I always do.  And I get to get up at 530am instead of 5 am tomorrow yippee!  Ok so enough for today off to go workout.  Just a short one, then motrin, ice and sleep.  Hope everyone is doing better than me.

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