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Friday, August 27, 2010

August 27th

Breakfast grilled bagel with cream cheese, 12oz skinny white chocolate mocha no whip (big improvement for me).
Lunch 2 crab legs, 2 cut pieces of cooked carrots
Dinner Taco Bell taco supreme, few bites of a burrito supreme and one piece of a personal cheese pizza.  Some Dr. Pepper :(.  And I was doing so good.
Best guess on calories was about 1,130.  I need to bring it up some so I don't go into starvation mode I think.

Workout did day 3 of my 30 day shred 27 more to go.  Felt good.  Leg is still bothering me but I push through and finish strong.  Feeling good.  Now if I could get a good nights sleep I would be golden.  Also cleaned the kids rooms, put away laundry and cleaned their bathroom (scrub down).  It was a productive day overall.

Need to work on drinking more water.  Only had about 4-6 glasses of water today.  That is not enough to keep me hydrated.

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