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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday, what a day

So this week is crazy busy, stressful and many people would use it as a reason to not workout and just eat junk to survive.  I will admit I indulged in a White Chocolate mocha before my test today.  I do not think it helped me pass my test LOL but I drank it anyway.  I only get to take this test once a year so its kind of a big deal.  I was super nervous, studied but don't think I did very well.  Only time will tell how I did but I left there feeling much more stupid than when I arrived.  I for sure studied the wrong info but when you have that many books there is just no way to get through them all and they changed the game plan a month before the darn test, ugh.  Anyway moving on so that is one stressor out of the way.  Tomorrow is my daughter's surgery and Thursday is mine.  I won't be able to work out on Thursday but I will get my workout in tomorrow and try for this weekend depending on how I recover.  Gosh I hope I can workout Saturday and Sunday.  I did a kettle bell workout to get some strength and cardio and a workout in.  Hubby had to work late so I needed something quick.  It was good and my abs are thanking me LOL.  Just got to give it everything I got and keep at it. I will get where I want to be, its not an option to fail.  I have to say this really struck me after my achievement yesterday.  I realized that I needed to stop holding myself back.  We will see how tomorrow goes.

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