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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bike ride with the kids

I wish I had gotten a picture but hopefully next time.  We got a new bike trailer to be able to take all the kids with us when we go ride.  So I have a single trailer that will hold the baby and hubby has a double for the bigger two.  It was so great to ride as a family.  We only did about 14.5 miles but it was still alot of fun.  It was raining pretty good too.  My legs were for sure shot by the end.  It is suprising how even though we didn't go very far that extra weight make a huge difference.  We hope to ride most Saturday's after my run practice with TNT.  With all the nice days this summer it should be a great time.  Still not as much distance as I would have liked but better than not getting on the bike at all and towing a trailer has to count for something :).  The baby slept a lot of the ride which made it great.

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