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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The last two days

So yesterday I ran which was awesome.  I did 40 mins just like I was supposed to by both my Train Like a Mother plan and my TNT plan.  Yeah to many plans.  But luckily TNT just wants time for right now.  I went 10 mins run and 1 min walking three times.  I went 2.75 miles, my furthest distance in that time at a constant 4.5 mph on the treadmill.  I also had the incline at 1.  I am doing really good with my running and am super happy about it.

Tonight I did an upper body weight lifting routine and got on the trainer for 30 mins.  So I am doing really good for the week.  My eating still is my biggest hurdle but I did manage to have rotisserie chicken and salad for dinner.  Not super paleo but closer than its been.  No soda today! So that is a start.  Gotta start somewhere right :).  Green tea and water.  Trying to come up with a better tracking system for food because as much as I love myfitnesspal it can sometimes be a pain to enter stuff if it isn't in there or its homemade.  Plus I don't think my calories are the problem its the types of foods I am eating.  Eating at home would be a great start.  Eating strict paleo would be another.  Hubby and I talked tonight and both agree that our son needs to cut sugar out because it makes him freak out and do bad things because he just gets so hyper.  So we are going back to a strict paleo diet for the next month to see if that helps him and we all know it will help us.  We have to do this for him as much for us.  I just hope its enough to not cave when the cravings come.  Got to stay strong.  I think having my sister tracking with me and holding each other accountable will help.  I would love to be down in the 140s by August when I have to order my bridesmaids dress.  Wish me luck!

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