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Friday, May 18, 2012

Been away

I have been away, usually this means I am not working out which for sure won't help me reach my goals. I did ok the week after my surgery but then got a nasty cold and I just can't kick it.  I tried just resting and that didn't help.  So today I went for a bike ride.  Only did 26 miles but its better than not going.  I feel a bit better cold wise but man my body is achy.  I know, I know my nutrition is sucking :(.  I really wish eating was easier for me.  Or that I didn't like food.  That would for sure make it easier LOL.  My sister is getting married in 6 months.  If I don't lose enough weight I have to buy my dress in a bigger size and then maintain until after the wedding.  So it comes down to choices.  I need to get on my game and come up with a plan to get more than 5 pounds a month off this body.  Brainstorming ideas here I go...

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