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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Still working out

I am still working out but with our trip this weekend and then the craziness of being back I just haven't had a chance to post.  So Saturday I went for my run.  I didn't go with the team since we were out of town but I did go.  I ran for 50 mins and did 3.75 miles.  That is a big deal for me.  I have never gone so far in one stretch.  I am so proud of myself.  I then did 25 miles on Sunday through Portland it was fun.  I went with my sister, and hubby.  Monday I rested.  Tuesday was a run day and after Saturday I was feeling good about running outside.  Well that didn't last.  I got to my halfway 20 min mark and was 1.6 miles in. I was so happy because that meant my 3.1 or 5K time had improved by 5 mins.  That is a big deal for me. It also means my 1.5 mile time has improved by 2 mins (just realized that).  But on the return trip I sprained my stupid left ankle :(.  So now I am limping and just trying to rest in the hope that I can be up to running Saturday with my team.  If I am still hurt I will go and just hang out.  Either way I need to get back from this injury quick.  I am skipping my run tomorrow.  I thought about riding but really I just need to get better.  STP is in 6.5 weeks.  I can't get injured!!  I did get my jersey in, wohoo so I am going to try to get hubby to take a picture of me in it.  How fun.  Ok that is my fast update.  Baby has been sleeping like poo so I am off to bed before she wakes again so I can get some sleep.  I will post more later ;).

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