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Friday, December 2, 2011

November 28-Dec 2

So here is a much overdue update.  Working out is going good.  Swam twice this week.  Tuesday for 25-30 mins did 18 laps, Thursday for 30 mins did only 12 laps.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I walked on the treadmill in my vibram five fingers.  Loved them.  Even tried a little jogging/running.  Friday I rode my bike outside with Chris for 1 hour 20 mins did about 12 miles give or take.  Maybe 12.5 my phone died at some point LOL.  According to my last update on facebook through my mapmyride app we had done 12.43 miles so I am guessing total was 12.5.  Hope to get some strength training in this weekend.  Maybe another swim and for sure a walk.  I am working hard for every pound lost.  Speaking of which.  I am down to 186 woot :).  Only 21 pounds to go for my Coast Guard max allowable and 56 for my big goal.  I hope to get to 130.  Eating is going great.  When I do eat something that is in the no no zone I have stopped beating myself up.  I just enjoy it and move on.  I eat as well as I can and don't worry about the rest.  Lost .5 inches around my waist in all three areas.  Feeling good.

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