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Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday November 1

Swam today for my workout.  I love swimming days.  Its a work out let me tell you.  I did 7 round trip laps or 14 laps depending on how you count :).  Either way it equaled 350 meters.  Its a 25 meter pool.  That is 50 more meters than last week.  Wednesday the goal is to get to 400 meters.  I also did 1 full lap of 50 meters, rested then did another 50 meters and rested.  I am getting better with the face in the water thing.  I need to work on a smooth transition to breathing out of the water but its a work in progress and I am making great progress.  I notice a huge difference in the efficiency of my swim with my face down.  And when I pull up it feels like more work.  Which it is.  Eating is doing ok.  Portion sizes staying under control and trying to avoid the candy LOL.  Darn Halloween.

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