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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Working out so far

Tuesday I went for a run.  Did about 1.7 miles in 31 mins.  Not great time but I got my shins to stop hurting so one problem solved.  And thats what its all about.  I came back feeling great.  It was raining but it felt great.

Wednesday I got in the pool on base and swam 300 meters which is great for me.  Attempted to do the face down breathing thing.  I did ok.  Something to work on and keep at it.  I am going to get this done.

Next goal is to find and buy a bike.  I am off to a good start but the paying part is a work in progress.  Those are not cheap.

So far I am feeling good about my workouts and loving all the different types.  Can't wait to start training with my team.

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