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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday

Ran yesterday, 29 mins, 1.63 miles. I am at an 18 min mile right now but I know at one point i was doing over 2 miles in the 29-31 min range. I am just slower right now because I am spending to much time worring about what I am doing right and not letting my natural motion move me.
Today I went to swim 400 meters. I ended up swimming 600 meters. I was pretty proud of that. I did a couple 50 meter jaunts without stopping so that was good. Improving everytime I go. I think part of it is just getting back into the swing of things with swimming. Its been a long time.

We put a deposit down on my bike so I hope to have that by the first practice November 13th. Things are coming together. I am so excited!

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