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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 12th Day 2

Breakfast ~ two slices wheat toast with peanut butter
Snack ~ granola bar, and string cheese
Lunch ~ Turkey sandwich, spinach, cheddar cheese on wheat bread
Snack ~ none
Dinner ~ 1 chicken tender breast, 1/2 cup loaded mashed potatoes (instant) and mixed veggies

Worked out twice today.  The first was at 11, and it was a not so great attempt at a run.  I can't believe how bad it went.  I walked most of it but still did 30 mins so not terrible and better than not going at all.  Tonight did Start It Up! again and it was good.  I was feeling tight and sore all day so it was a good chance to stretch those muscles.  I think I will be moving up in videos sooner than I thought.  More because I have been doing this amount of time for a bit now and I think I need to challenge my body some more.  Hopefully tomorrow I can do that but if nothing else I will do the Ramp It Up! on Saturday.  Good day, lots of water, just got to stick to it.

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