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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 13th Day 3

Breakfast ~ 2 slices wheat toast with peanut butter
Snack ~ banana
Lunch ~ Healthy Choice portabella pasta in marsala sauce
Snack ~ String cheese
Dinner ~ Olive Garden Salad, breadsticks, 1/4 plate of fetticine alfredo, 1/2 a piece of cheesecake

Workout was good.  The slim in 6 seems to do more for me in some ways and less in others.  I am sure its just different workouts doing different things keeping my muscles guessing.  Going to finish the week with Start It Up the first DVD only 25 min and next week move on to the 45 min video Ramp It Up.
I went out to eat and allowed some splurging.  I made weight today Coast Guard officially weighed me in at 158.  So I allowed myself to celebrate.  But I still worked out today, limited my portions and didn't let myself feel guilty.  Life is too short.  I will reach my goals, of that I have no doubts.  It feels good to be under 160 :).  Go me!

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