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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ah Dang!

So Monday I did my first run for my C25K program.  Then I did the Start It Up! video from slim in 6.  I think that was a bit of an overkill.  I was hurting that night and all the next day.  I did take Tuesday off, shame on me.  But I feel 100% today so maybe it was a good option.  I did not run today :(.  I am trying to decide if Monday was a product of to much over training or something else.  I am going with the over doing it theory at the moment.  I am super excited to run so I emailed my beachbody coach for some advice on how to work that into my routine.  Hopefully she will have some ideas.  Worst case senario I will start it again after my 6 weeks is up.  By then I should be in even better shape and be good to go.  So either way still doing good.  My eating has gotten a little out of control although I still think I am in the 1500-1800 range.  But 1300 was just to few and I was cranky and no energy.  I can do this without cutting so many calories.  Its about better choices.  Ok well enough ramble time to go work out.

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