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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday end of week3

Feeling really good about my progress.  Feeling really good about my moving.  I got all 10,000 steps in everyday this week.  I'm at 6000 today and Sunday is my off day LOL.  But we have had lots of farm chores to do today.  I'm feeling like for the first time in a long time I'm going to reach my goals and lose this weight and get healthy.  Hubby bought me a treadmill, something I've been hankering for.  I think it's been 3-5 years I've been wanting one, because with three kids it makes it easier to get running.  And I love running.  It's a very basic entry level nordictrak but I'm excited at the idea of starting to run again.  I'm at the end of three weeks of working out consistently and the happy feeling is there.  Ya know the feeling good and happy feeling, the depression leaving the corners and flittering away feeling.  I want to hold on to this feeling and I really like that I can now start running, no excuses.  I feel confident I will reach my goals.

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