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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Outside walk

So I made cookies for the neighbor.  We walked the 1.5 miles to her house to deliver them.  Took the kids on their bikes and the youngest ran/walked with me.  I actually ran some of, as well as I could with a plate of cookies.  On the way back I carried my 35 pound youngest for a little over a mile.  I did try to run a bit LOL, but it was difficult to say the least with her bouncing too.  I feel like even though my weight isn't dropping as fast as I would like to see it, I am getting stronger.  I have more endurance and I have more energy.  I'm also sleeping better at night.  Those pounds will come off.  I just have to keep moving and trying.  Each day is a new day to try again.  To keep going and get to my goals.  I have 9 days until I will reweigh for the Coast Guard.  I am sure some of that stress is helping to hold onto the pounds.  And I have finals next week.  Math I'm not as worried about, but my programming class sucks.
All the pictures I post come from pinterst, I save them in my fitness journey folder and then use them here.

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