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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Day 2 of 21 day fix. Week 6?

Honestly I'm not sure what week I'm in.  But it's habit at this point for sure.  If I don't workout I miss it.  I started working out in the mornings with the 21 day fix so I could still run... but as yesterday proved I don't have the eating or strength to run and do the 21 day fix :(.  So I guess I'm on a small break and will start again in 19 days :).  I've gotten my calories up a little bit but not great.  I've been on such a bad roller coaster I'm struggling to rein it in.  My weight seems stuck, and my waist measurements seem stuck... but my pants and belt suggest otherwise.  So I'm thinking I'm losing weight or inches and I'm just not finding it.  At least I'm going to keep moving, and keep losing.  This is for the long term not a quick fix.

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