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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

30 Day shred day 1

I really just need to force myself to make this change.  I can keep making excuses or I can get my butt going.  I keep praying the motivation will come and it just doesn't.  So that just means I have to do it regardless.  Right now I am going to do the shred for 30 days, clean up my eating and probably some extra cardio in the mornings.  After that I will do ripped in 30 and then we have to move/live in a hotel. At that point I will have to figure something else out.  I should be working on base though so hopefully I will get more workout time and can do some weights in the gym.  If I really clean up my eating I can lose 20-30 pounds in the next 60 days.  I really have to clean up my eating though.  What I am currently doing is so not going to get me the body I am looking to achieve.  Moving to hot weather means I want to wear clothes that aren't so good at hiding.  I don't like shorts because I have fat thighs and they ride up and chaff.  So the cure, is to lose weight so I can be comfy in shorts and tank tops.  So here is to lack of motivation but lots of determination to not let my motivation push me around anymore.  Here is to getting off my 165 pound butt and doing something about it instead of wishing it would just happen.  Thinking of doing a shake in the morning, fast and healthy and gets me some nutrition before I do some cardio.  Weekends I can do more paleo friendly breakfasts.  I am going to wean off of the carbs.  I know that my body hates them and I feel better when I am not stuffing my face with them.  I know all the things to do to achieve my goal.  I just have to stop talking myself out of it and start talking myself into healthy living.

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