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Friday, April 26, 2013

Bike ride!

I got on my bike today.  I haven't ridden in months.  Probably not since last fall.  So my bottom for sure needs to get used to it.  We did 42 mins and rode 7.5 miles.  It is less than I wanted for distance but good for time.  And I did not shred today.  I was feeling dizzy and tired so I took the time to spend with my family and take care of my beautiful sick baby.  But I still got a workout in and stayed under on calories!  So I am pushing myself.  I am going to keep rockin the workouts and going to reach my goal before we move.  Goal would be to reach the 130's before we move in July.  Had some carbs today and a yummy paleo taco salad for dinner.  Feeling good about tomorrow.

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