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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Run turned walk, still did 2 miles!

So it was one of those runs... You know the kind where you really want to go and dream of how awesome it will be, then it turns into one of the worst runs ever...

That was me today.  But despite the horribleness of the run turned walk I still completed 2 miles.  And shoot that is something to be proud of, right?!  I started strong, but the reality is my nutrition like usual sucks and my water intake is terrible (which isn't normal) and honestly I'm going backwards.  I'm sliding so fast. But I know that I will be able to recover.  I just need to not fall apart at the end.  I only have two more weeks.  I know that these last two weeks will be the toughest on me but I have to just keep pushing.

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