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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Finally arrived!

We finally arrived in Texas about a week ago.  It's been crazy unpacking and moving boxes and the heat.  But we are slowly getting settled.  Most of the kitchen is done.  Most of what is left is books and misc items we probably don't need anyway :).  I am really wanting/needing to find a workout routine that will work for me.  I want to workout first thing in the morning but so far have not succeeded.  I know once the kids start school and I'm up at 0700 I will find time.  Right now we are getting up about 830/9am and then running errands and making dinner and other meals and unpacking.  Ah the joys of moving.  I am fairly certain I am losing weight although not 100%.  Just eating at home is helping I'm sure.  My clothes are fitting better since we arrived.  I will update tomorrow on the goal of getting a workout in ;).

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