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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jillian videos are a Love/Hate thing

I love to hate these videos.  But I know they work for me.  I got Shred It with Weights done while Kaitlynn took a nap and the older two played.  I am determined to not make excuses.  My legs were like jello at the end that is for sure.  Jumping squats that turn OMG I thought I would die.  I did slow down a bit due to being overheated but I didn't stop moving and I know that each day I will get stronger.
So far I have had pancakes, coffee, a sandwich, a few bites of pasta salad, 24 oz of water, some knock off gatorade and now drinking more water.  Tomorrow is a grocery shopping day :).  So I need to make a good healthy menu and implement it.  I will reach my goal.  I will be the best me I can be :).

On a side note weight is at 172.5 so that is my starting weight.

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