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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Back and biceps with a little leg on the side.

Today was a back and bicep day.  I threw in legs since I missed it yesterday.  I did workout.  I got on my bike yesterday and rode for 25 mins.  But the legs needed a good burn session.  I think it was overall a good workout.  Food is of course a mess.  Who knew it would be so hard to eat healthy.  One thing today taught me is to stick with my little goals.  I was doing better food wise last week.  So back to just trying to eat at home instead of paleo/clean/ whatever other fad diet I might be inclined to try.  When we move in 7 weeks I can try modifying the food.  For now I just need to work out more and eat as good as I can while being realistic.  This is a process.  This isn't quick and I have to break years of habits.  I will do this though.  I can do this.

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