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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday Run

So Wednesday was my first run practice back after a 4 plus week break. It was a good and bad practice.
Before having to take the break I was at about a 15 min mile if I pushed myself. The first mile last night I did in 14:20 with walking and running. It was great to actually have a better time than when I got hurt. Means all the cross training is paying off and keeping me from falling behind. At least during my race I will finish in 90 mins the run part :). Today at physical therapy I actually felt good while running on the treadmill. Might have to do that more often just to give my legs a break. I was sad yesterday after my run because I really felt bad about run/walking. But today after thinking about it I realized that was a good time and I did great for my first night back.

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