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Friday, March 6, 2009

Starting again

Well now that we are not expecting I can get back on the weightloss band wagon. So I am at 160 and I want to get to 130. It is an ongoing battle for me. I just lack the lose weight motivation but I know it will help me get through everything that is going on right now. So here we go. I got a new workout game for the Wii fit and it looks like it will be great. I am going to do that Monday through Friday with Chris in the evenings. I may try to go for a brisk walk on the weekends. If I feel up for it I might try to work out in the mornings for 15 min just to get me going. I hope it helps me sleep better too. So on to reaching goals. Now if I could get the food thing under control I would be doing 100% better. My new game even tracks my measurements which is kinda cool. Chris and I both want to lose 30 pounds. I will keep everyone updated.... Wait no one reads this but me LOL.

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