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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Last part of the week

Lets see what happened...
Okay so made it to the gym Wednesday and Thursday but Friday got all messed up. But got up to four days this week so we are making progress. Still need to redo my measurements because I haven't lost any weight. Although I don't think the cupcakes or Nemo cake helped much but how many times does your only Daughter turn 2. I did resist the urge to finish of the cupcakes and threw them in the trash. Woot for me self control. Now if I could just get that with my shakes I would be on a roll. Thinking about ordering the chocolate shake and going for it. I think if I just gave it one GOOD month (key there being good month) I would be on the other side of this weight problem and not feeling so heavy. Got to think of some ideas and fast because being heavy isn't working for me.

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