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Monday, April 25, 2016


Finding balance is probably the hardest part for me.  Eating enough, but not to much, but not to little.  Last week I was in the to little category for sure, so it made me grumpy.  I am working to get it up but I feel like I can't add carbs.  If I add carbs I usually start going over.  Plus with everything else going on in life, making time to get it all done is becoming a challenge.  So I am working on finding balance between eating crap and reaching my goals.  I had a sonic cheese burger last night, I love it :).  But I was also up a pound this morning.  I'm also not going poo like I should be if the truth be told.  Today I have consumed about 1000 calories but I had a shake for breakfast and pizza for dinner.... so will this set me back?  I don't know yet.  I just have to move my body and keep moving forward.  Not every day is going to be perfect.  But if I keep trying I will reach my goal.  It is a series of small steps in the right direction, no body reaches this kind of goal in a week or a day.  This is going to take months.  So finding a good rhythm now is only going to help me succeed going forward.

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