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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Making good progress.

Doing good.  I'm still missing my breads... yum but I resisted temptation today when the kids wanted bread I got them some but I did not partake.  I ate chicken breast and salad for dinner and did my shakes, apples and nuts for breakfast, lunch and snacks.  I am sure after weigh ins it will be easier to find a balance without the worry.  I still plan to make smart choices and hopefully by that point I won't want the carbs as much.  But a small bit of rice once a week won't be so scary LOL.  Of course once I hit my target for the Coast Guard I can relax too.  I'm feeling better and my pants are fitting better.  So that is good.  I want to be a good example and keep moving.  So far I have hit my 10,000 steps everyday except Sunday which is my day off.  I'm proud of that accomplishment.  I have also walked 2 miles with my video each day this week.  So that is 8 miles already this week.

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