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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Keep moving

That's the goal, just keep moving.  Guess it's a little like Dory, just keep swimming.  I am getting those 10,000 steps in, even though it's been a challenge.  I am enjoying the challenge.  I am getting a workout in each day, I might need to do two workouts to be able to get all my steps in each day.  I will for sure have to change something if I decide to bump my goal.  But for this month the step goal is good and getting me moving.  My food is decent.  All paleo and stuff :).  I even managed a salad tonight so I'm thrilled about that.  I am moving down on the scale so that is good.  I'm sure the CG will freak out if I lose to much but I don't really care.  I'm not being unhealthy.  I was being unhealthy with all the Dr. Pepper and the junk food before.  Cutting those really helps to shed pounds along with moving my butt.  Doing good with 6 miles (walk away the pounds videos) and 30,000 steps so far, or a few more.

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