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Monday, July 19, 2010


Mondays are the worst for me.  I start out with the best of intentions, every effort for this to be a new week.  And while many times I do great this is not one of those times.  Its so frustrating all the negative Nancy's telling me I can't do it or I am wasting my time or they can show me how to do it better.  I did so great when I first started.  Why am I struggling so much now.  Why this week am I just blah about it all.  I know I am getting results look at the pictures.  Its proof that my body is changing for the better.  I feel better most of the time.  But today is just a rough patch.  I just need to put on my shoes and pop in my video and do 25 mins.  I will feel better for it and glad I did when its over.  I will be a happier person when I am done and have a better day tomorrow :).  I am not going to let them get me down!

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