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Friday, July 23, 2010


Well today was an ok day.  Got my workout in.  Wasn't as intense as the beginning of the week but I finished strong.  I am hurting a bit in my lower butt area :) so I am being easy on my body.  I have been doing my 25 min video all week.  I think I need to move to the 45 min video to get out of my rut.  I am down to 162 according to my wii fit :).  I am not supposed to be weighing myself.  But I was fairly stuck at 164 so it feels good that on Friday I am down.  I have been down, but I usually use my Friday as a guage to reality of my weight.  Even when I weighed myself everyday.  Sure I was down to 158 once.... a couple weeks ago, but at least my weight is moving down again from that plateau of 164.  Ok so worked out only missed Thursday and feeling good about that.  I will work out tomorrow morning before my tattoo appointment.  Not sure about Sunday have to play it by ear.  Pending tattoo pain :).  Off to shower and sleep.

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