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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The heat and working out

So the biggest problem I'm running into is combating the heat with working out.  My assumption is that working out in the morning will prove easier and a bit better timing.  I got up this morning and rode my bike for 10 mins.  Then did a full body kettlebell workout.

12 reps of each
Around the body pass
Bent rows
Dead lift
Figure 8
Half get up (those are tough fyi)
Windmills (also tough)

I did the set twice.  At the end of the last set I tried the High pulls that I found on another site.  Overall a good workout.

I was down to 167 had a rough weekend with how busy we were but I'm at 169.5 this morning so a 2.5 pound gain for the weekend isn't bad. If I can eat healthy and workout I should be down below Coast Guard standards in time for my swearing in and if I just keep trying I will reach my goal by my birthday.  No I haven't given up but I have struggled. I know the articles make it sound like people just instantly wake up work out and get skinny.  It's really not that easy.  It takes work, you will have set backs and you will get discouraged.  Motivation only gets you so far.  Dedication and persistence get you the rest of the way.

I got the workout off of pinterest which got it off Women's Healthy magazine online.

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