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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Moving forward

Because you know starting over just isn't the thing to do.  Starting over isn't what I am doing.  But moving forward and realizing that I just having found what works.  Trying something new to find what works is the thing to do.  So we are moving on, moving up and losing weight.  Yep I will get derailed, lots of people do.  But the key is to keep trying.

Food June 19, 2012
Breakfast ~ 2 eggs
Lunch ~ package peanut m&m, cracker combo turkey and chicken (and lets be honest it wasn't good and wasn't finished), Cherry Coke Zero.
Snack ~ Sun Chips
Dinner ~ Green beans, egg noodles and no chicken since I ruined it :(.
Calories in ~ 1100
Calories out ~ 292

Rode my bike for 40 mins and it was great.  Tomorrow the goal is to ride and do a video.

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