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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday November 13, 2011

Well week one down for the 30 day shred :).  I am doing good.  The first two weeks are the hardest.  So if I can get my eating figured out I will be making some solid weight loss progress.  We ate out all last week :(.  However Chris and I are challenging ourselves to not eat out until Christmas (or longer).  When we reach our challenge goal we will be rewarded with money to buy whatever we want.  Not a night out to eat :).  See how I did that.  I went for a ride outside today.  Did 10.2 miles in just over an hour so about a 10 mile an hour pace.  It was great and felt great.  I did Day 7 of the 30 day shred.  Most days are 60-90 mins worth of working out but this week will start getting longer.  Each week from here on out will get longer since I have to work up to be able to ride 200 miles :).  I will weigh in either Monday or Tuesday for my one week check.  I hope that by the end of next week I will start feeling better about myself despite my weight.  Keep watching for more updates.  I will try to update more often.

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